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Stationary Compactor

A great solution for your dry waste that is permanently attached to a concrete pad. Your materials are compacted into a container or trailer. Perfect for waste haulers, home supply retailers, apartment buildings, distribution warehouses, and government facilities.

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This line of compactors is the solution for the storage and removal of wet waste. One solid unit that is hauled to a dump site. Utilized by supermarkets, malls, hospitals, movie theaters, restaurants, resorts, and food processors. A tight door seal prevents any leakage.

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 Vertical Self-Contained Compactor

A smaller unit used for areas where space is limited for truck access and/or storage of waste. Commonly used by apartment complexes and restaurants. 


Auger Compactor

A heavy duty machine specifically designed for large volumes of materials. An Auger can come in either a stationary or self-contained model for either dry or wet waste including pallets, crates, furniture, or medical and organic waste. This unit is commonly used in large industrial sites or production lines.



A two stage ram that can process large volumes of difficult to compact materials such as crates, barrels, pallets, scrap steel and other such items. Pre-crushers break down waste within a compaction chamber before sweeping the material into the compactor box. Ideal for construction, manufactured housing, and manufacturing industries.



This optional unit is the ideal odor control solution for compactors and containers. An electronic unit that actually eliminates the odor molecules using ozone. The Sonozaire is used in many wet waste applications such as restaurants and supermarkets.  It is also a great tool for restoration companies, hotels and auto dealers.